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Klubfunstore gives hunters, collectors, marksmen, officers and other gun enthusiasts a full selection of guns and firearms for sale with affordable pricing and easy ordering. Klubfunstore stocks top brands in all categories and supplies strategic, high-performance and standard gear for any situation.

Diversify your firearms or add a gun to your existing collection to change up your experience and hone your skills.  Klubfunstore stocks firearms for home protection, target shooting and hunting, with high-quality gear to meet officers’, military or champion hunters’ standards.  Keep your ammunition fully stocked for any gun and choose from a wide variety of gun parts, sites and holsters.  Replace old, worn or damaged pieces or augment your firearm with high-performance parts to suit you.  Klubfunstore's low prices allow you to order everything you need in one place and treat yourself to some extras too. 

Order firearms, ammo, and accessories online through our gun store in Rochester, NY, to have your products delivered to your FFL(firearms only) or you. 

Waiver of Liability.

It is unlawful and punishable by imprisonment and fine for any adult to store or leaves in any place within reach or easy access of a minor under the ageof 18 years of age or to knowingly sell or otherwise transfer a firearm to a minor or a person of unsound mind. This gun is classified as a FIREARM or DANGEROUS WEAPON and is surrendered by us with the express understanding that we assume no liability for its resale or safe handling under local laws and regulations. assumes no responsibility for physical injury or property damage resulting from either intentional or accidental discharge, or for the function of any gun subjected to influences beyond their control, and will honor no claims which may result from careless handling, unauthorized adjustments, defective or Improper ammunition, corrosion or neglect.